The Oscar Group focuses its expertise on two areas of the political arena: government relations and fundraising. We coordinate legislative goals and messaging for a number of clients on the federal and state level, striving to simplify your dealings with critical decision-makers and public opinion leaders. We also provide finance consulting for top tier local, state and federal campaigns, delivering millions of dollars for messaging and outreach into the coffers of the most competitive political campaigns.


  • Strategic management of legislative policy objectives
  • Coordinating networking opportunities with client groups and Members of Congress and their staffs
  • Direct client representation in Congressional and Executive Branch agencies
  • Competitive and directed grant management
  • Client interest coalition and grassroots coordination


  • Strategic finance planning for campaign
  • Organizing and facilitating fundraising operations
  • Major donor development - Identifying likely potential donors, PACs and sources of revenue and developing strategies for maximizing them
  • Event planning and host recruitment
  • Extensive network of contacts and relationships within the Pennsylvania political community